Herbert James Draper - By Summer Seas [1912] on Flickr.

Summer Seas is a typical and dramatic example of the artists work, which combined Draper’s technical skill as a draughtsman and colourist, with a sensual notion of mythology. Although the two female nudes appear to be generic bathers rather than his usual nymphs and sirens or the classical Andromeda or Aphrodite, the figures echo ancient precedents from the classicism of the Greeks and Romans. They resemble the type of elegant nudes painted by Sir Edward Poynter in the early Twentieth Century, such as the famous Cave of the Storm Nymphs (collection of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber) of 1905 which Draper had greatly admired.

[Bonhams, London - Oil on canvas, 127 x 76 cm]


Jan Lievens - The Young Draftsman [c.1630] on Flickr.

The Young Draftsman is an early work by Jan Lievens. Until 1631, while they were both still living in Leiden, Lievens was the colleague and great rival of Rembrandt. The two served apprenticeships together under Pieter Lastman and then shared a studio. Lievens subsequently went his own artistic way before moving to Amsterdam in 1655, shortly before Rembrandt’s bankruptcy, where he eventually died like the latter in great poverty. This depiction of a young draftsman is simultaneously a genre painting and the description of a profession. As such, it shows Lievens at the peak of his early mastery.

The intimate studio scene captivates with the warm tones of its brown, yellow, and beige palette and seems imbued with an inner golden light. The young artist sits in the foreground engrossed in his reading, while open in front of him is a large sketchbook revealing a study of the head of the statue standing before him. This figure is a plaster cast of the Infant Jesus from Michelangelo’s famous Madonna and Child that had stood in the Church of Our Lady in Bruges since 1506. Jesus looks down benevolently on the young draftsman and his work. On the right, another famous sculpture can be seen in the shadows: the bust of Emperor Vitellius.

[Musée du Louvre, Paris - Oil on wood, 124 x 100 cm]


Ham, cheese & bacon rolls


Rome and the Ponte Molle, 1754, Richard Wilson. Welsh ca 1713 - 1782)


Winterly Creek in Dusk, Ludwig Munthe. Norwegian (1841 - 1896)


Daguerreotype portrait of an unidentified man holding a book with another man moving into frame behind him, c. 1840’s. One of the earliest examples of photobombing.

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